This is your own branded mobile app that is powered by S3 technology. This might be more valuable than your website!

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Your Own Mobile App

You want the specialists within your location to be successful. Most new salon suites specialists have never managed their own business and it can be a bit overwhelming. Then there are those that have been with the suite model longer who are managing and marketing their businesses with a range of apps that incur costly monthly fees. Now you can offer them a free booking system that can also help them both manage and market their business.  This is a win-win for everyone! Learn more today how not only does this mobile app help them, but it also helps you!

Salon Suite Solutions - mobile app in hand

“This is the first time I have had to do my own scheduling and take my own payments in the 5 years I’ve been doing hair. I came from a commission salon and now I’ve ventured on my own to take the next step in my career. I really like the app. It’s great that I can take payments, see my daily/weekly/monthly revenue as well as all the scheduling. It makes it easy especially for a new business owner. I still need to learn more about the app but so far it’s fantastic!”

– Shelly Kellogg, Salons by JC in Charlotte-South Park

Your mobile app also comes with A Complete Marketing System for your tenants

Within the specialist’s “virtual suite” in your mobile app is a specialists marketing system. A few of the features within the system is a way for them to connect with their social media account via the app and then share information with their social networks and a free website that is connected to their virtual suite. In addition to these features, your tenant can also send out marketing emails and texts to their clientele. Their clientele also have a way to share their information via the app with their social networks. This is also giving your suites brand marketing attention as well!

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