The S3 Suites Management is here to automate your salon suites!

The salon suites model has specific needs that are not like any other business model. The S3 suites management system is a must-have when running a totally efficient suites operation because it is software developed specially for its needs. Learn more about our tenants tracking system, electronic funds transfer system with a backup way for tenants to pay their rent, invoicing system, and tenant notification system.

You want to be successful.  Use technology that can get you better results!

The salon suites model now has a management system built specifically for its needs. Forget the spreadsheets that can’t do what you need them to and become unmanageable.  Don’t spend money on multi-family property management systems that were not designed for salon suites and cost too much.

Now you can implement an easy-to-use system built specifically for the suites model that makes rent easier to pay, collect, and keep track of on a weekly basis.  You can now track individual suites and tenant payments; both parties can see what was paid and owed; you can view in real-time and view reports and analytics on both PCs and mobile devices; you can communicate with tenants instantly via your mobile app; and securely store documents in the cloud. The S3 system was built specifically for your business.

People today expect more options when paying rent

Just about 100% of your revenue comes from people who are paying you rent. Why make it hard for people to pay it? Give people more options when it comes to paying their rent. A few of these options include letting your tenants pay via your mobile app and letting them temporarily stop an electronic funds transfer (ACH) to let them pay by credit card for the times they might not have the cash. This way you have more options to get paid! Learn how our system can increase your bottomline while retaining tenants!

Use software that is designed specifically for your needs

The suites model has specific needs that requires specific software to help them run efficiently. Examples include: having more than one person to a room; people moving rooms; people combining rooms; and multiple people paying different amounts within a room. The S3 suites management system keeps this organized for you. You might also offer incentives for referrals or offer vacation time or staggered rent for your tenants. Want to be able to have more control over your electronic funds transfer? We give you more control than most banking systems with pricing that highly competitive. Learn more today how our system can make your life easier while streamlining your business!

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Get Valuable Real Time Reports and Analytics on virtually any device 

What successful business does not want a dashboard, reports and analytics about the key information they need to keep track of their operation? With your suites management system you will have fast access to a great number of reports and analytical data that can help you better run your operation.

Keep your tenants in the loop with your own Notification System

We all know that emails are often times overlooked or lost. Now you can send free push notifications to one or more of your tenants smartphones and know that they received it! This could be used to update people on things happening within your suites, wishing someone a happy birthday, letting someone know you need to speak with them, or letting people know if there is an emergency. Learn more today to find out how this system can help you!

Store important documents for FREE!

S3 offers you a disaster recovery cloud-based security storage facility for you to keep all your important agreements and documents for free. You can easily keep documents attached and updated to individuals with updates, while feeling secure knowing that it will all be there when you need it. Furthermore, this is a free storage facility unlike other services that you might use that charge a subscription fee.

One location, multiple locations, or franchised operations. This is the system for you!

The S3 suites management system is currently being used franchised, multi-location, and single operations across the United States and Canada. The functionality of the S3 system comes with a user-permission feature that enables a Super Administrator to control who is able to certain things within the system. This is also great for franchises and multi-location operations.  So, learn more today about how this system can streamline your business and grow with you!

You can Count on Superb Customer Service

We’re dedicated to fast, high-quality customer service. We have live Client Success Managers that setup your system and train you and your tenants how to use the software. You don’t have to worry about emailing back and forth with someone if you don’t want to and make a call to get a quick answer. You also can feel assured that all questions that might come up from your tenants can be handled by our support team. We are here for you!