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The suites model needed technology, so we built it…

Virtually every successful business type has software that caters to its needs. From apartment software to restaurant point of sale systems. The suites model has specific needs and those needs are increasing due to competition.

At one time, only accepting money orders or checks from a group of people seemed easy and the way to do it. However, today people are expecting more options because they have more options.  Those new options require additional practices to properly organize, carry out and manage the business based on what competition is offering to tenants.

A smart business person is also always on the lookout for ways to cut costs and make more money. Up until this point, the salon suites model offered very few ways for an operation to create new revenue streams. At S3, we have created and are continuing to create even more revenue generating features for both owners and their tenants.  Learn more today how we can help your suites business!

The salon suites concept is our focus


At S3, we work closely with companies that are involved in the salon suite business model every day. We truly listen to their needs and tailor our technology solutions accordingly. When you partner with S3, you become part of a powerful team that has its fingers on the pulse of the industry.

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