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Being able to provide every tenant in your Salon Suite with a free mobile app acts as a recruitment tool because it provides beauty professionals with the ability to manage every aspect of their business. This branded mobile app is also fully integrated with the S3 Property Management Software used by the Salon Suite Owner. Together these two powerful tools help everyone thrive.

With the fully automated S3 Property Management Software, you can collect rent, track individual suites and tenant payments, view reports and analytics, communicate with tenants instantly and securely store documents. You’ll save valuable hours every week.

Enjoying Streamlined Rent Collection

Collect rent in one of two stress-free ways: Send automatic invoices or set up automated ACH payments at a highly competitive rate. Once you enter the data, the system works on its own, updating reports automatically.

Manage and Track Business Online

Organize suites and track individual tenants visually. You’ll know at a glance when you have multiple tenants in a suite or sub-letters, whose licenses and insurance are current and which leases are up for renewal.

Get Reports and Analytics You Can Use

See what’s most important to you just by clicking on the dashboard. View vacancy rates, income per square foot and even how your rental prices compare to local market rates.

Communicate With Tenants Instantly

Notify one, some or all of your tenants without tedious text messages or time-consuming emails. When your tenants get the free S3 app, you’ll be able to share news, automatically send invoices or immediately alert everyone about facility maintenance.

Never Lose a Document Again

With all the documents you need uploaded and stored in one place, misplacing vital records becomes a thing of the past. And, because your documents are automatically and securely backed up in the cloud, you can recover them fast if you have a computer crash.



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