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As a business owner, you understand that you have to spend money to make money. There are a million choices for you to make when starting your business and a million more choices while running your business. You’ll spend money, you’ll make money, but are you looking at the options available for you to save money? 

At Salon Suite Solutions, we believe in so much more than providing our clients with a great product and great customer service. We believe in helping them to gain success and keep it; that’s why we developed a Mobile App that will help our client’s save money!

So how can you save money by using the Salon Suite Solutions Mobile App? Here are a few easy ways…

  • Every tenant can use their Salon Suite’s Mobile App for FREE! That’s right, we don’t charge you a monthly fee to use your Mobile App or any of the current feature. You have full access to the Calendar for booking appointments, Client Invoicing, Safe and Secure Accounting, In-App Messaging… and well the list just goes on. This is a $40 value that we want you to use for FREE!
  • At Salon Suite Solutions we are proud to be able to offer you the LOWEST Credit Card Processing Fee in the industry. Through our partnership with ProPay, we are able to offer a 2.5 % processing fee for everyone using their Mobile App’s Point of Sale System. Plus, your first credit card swiper is FREE!
  • Not only are we offering the lowest credit card processing fee in the industry, but we also make it easy for you to have your client’s pay that fee for you with our Cash Discount option. This will have the fee automatically added to your client’s total amount due and put that money back in your pocket. 
    • For example- If you do 15 haircuts a day and charge $30 per client with our 2.5% processing fee, you would incur a total of $11.25 in fees for one day. That might not seem like much but when those days add up, so does that fee. If you are doing 15 cuts, 5 days a week for a year, you’ll spend $2,925 in 1 year in credit card processing fees. Don’t you want that money back in your pocket?
    • By using the Cash Discount option in this scenario, your client would only pay an extra 75 cents for their haircut. Not too bad of a deal for them and a GREAT deal for you.

Making money is great, but saving money can be just as beneficial for any small business owner. Salon Suite Solutions wants to help you do both!




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