Ashley Damron is an extremely talented stylist at Salons by JC in Denton, TX. When you first meet Ashley, you immediately realize that she is full of energy and has a personality that is fun and vibrant. I had the pleasure of spending some time talking with her and she was constantly on the move. The one thing I noticed was that she always had a smile on her face and so did her clients. 

Ashley isn’t just a great stylist, but she is also one of the top users of the Salons by JC Mobile App. She has found a way to use every feature of the App to not only benefit, but improve her business. She has been using the Mobile App since February and says, “it has kept things simple for me to book my clients and have them pay in the same place.” She also uses the in-app messaging feature to communicate with her clients and the marketing feature to share her work on Social Media. 

She uses the App as a one-stop shop for all of her business needs, including collecting payment from her clients through the ProPay feature. She says that ProPay is one of the top features of the App and one of the reasons she uses the App every day and with every client.

To see more of Ashley’s work you can visit her InstagramFacebook Page, or go see her at the Salons by JC location in Denton.


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